We are currently studying “Forgotten God” by Frances Chan during Adult Education on Sunday mornings at 9:15 am. Our mid-week Bible Study is “Heirs of the Prophets” by John McKay (Wednesdays at 4:00 pm). There are many opportunities for growing in faith at Grace by the Sea, including interactive teaching for the adult members of our congregation on Sunday mornings (as scheduled), mid-week Bible studies, and home groups. Using multi-media and other resources we explore various dimensions of our faith together with the intent of laying a solid foundation for personal growth, ministry and outreach.

At Grace by the Sea we believe the primary mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, not simply make more members. We desire to see “the lost saved, the saved discipled and the discipled becoming more and more like Jesus.” We believe that adults who are changed, gifted, called and equipped are the future of our church because they will essentially represent to the community what it means for the church to be fully alive. Whole families will ultimately be transformed by such a focus.

Adult Education at Grace by the Sea is designed for and offered to anyone and everyone who wants to know more about Jesus and His Kingdom, and especially those who desire to grow more in terms of their own personal faith. Everyone is welcome regardless of their previous exposure to the Gospel, or “the number of times they may have been born”, or how many questions they may bring to each session. Inquiry is the outworking of a heart that longs for more. Clearly, however, there are a number of goals towards which our adult formation reaches. These goals represent a practical way of understanding the high call that is ours in Jesus:

(1) We desire to see each and every member of Grace by the Sea fully committed to Jesus Christ and active in making new disciples for Jesus, and fully capable of undertaking primary responsibility for an on-going mentoring process;

(2) We desire to see all our members involved in and doing hands-on ministries (“everyone gets to play”, serving in the world in such a way that reflects their sensitivity to the needs of the community and their deep concern for those who have yet to know Jesus;

(3) We desire to see all our members pursuing constant personal growth and understanding with God, the world and themselves, building their faith upon a personal journey and adventure with Jesus through the Holy Spirit; and,

(4) We desire to see each and every member of Grace by the sea come to know personal fulfillment in the knowledge and realization of that special purpose and plan the Lord had for them from before the foundation of the world.

We do not want our members to go to church, we want them to be the church.