If you have ever dared to enter a health club or fitness gym, you will certainly have encountered the slogan, “no pain, no gain”, meaning that without some effort you will not likely see the benefits that you might like, or wish to see. If this is true in the physical realm, it is equally as true in the spiritual.

Just as we cannot achieve physical fitness simply by reading the latest health or fitness magazine, we cannot come to exercise real discipleship solely through the reading of Scripture.  We are to enter into that new life about which the Scriptures speak; a life of grace in the power of the Holy Spirit; a life lived for the glory of God. But the natural mind is at odds with the spiritual man and most of us have spent much of our lives unfamiliar with this grace, power, Spirit, and life. We need a place to put into practice the things we are now just learning; a place of encouragement, teaching and safety. BodyBuilding is such a place.

At BodyBuilding we learn through trial and error, by mentoring and training, how to step out and actually do the things which attest to and glorify God.

Just as we grow in grace in our understanding of Scripture, Doctrine, and Sanctification we also grow in our under -standing of walking in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We grow In the maturity of His calling and the certainty of His purpose.

You are welcome to join with us when the next session is announced.