Grace by the Sea is welcoming of all people because, after all, we ourselves are simply a community of ordinary people who are learning to follow Jesus Christ in our time. We are all at different stages on our journeys of faith, and we know that none of us is perfect, has arrived, or is an expert.

We are a creedal Church, teaching what is essential and majoring on the majors rather than the the minors of faith. We are not a confessional church, insofar as requiring that those who walk with us subscribe to a local statement or confession of the faith, but we are very much a confessional church in that we hold to the “Thirty-Nine Articles” of Anglicanism and are members of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans who support the “Jerusalem Declaration“.

We are a biblical Church. Actually, we probably read more scripture each Sunday than many self-named “Bible” churches and we engage all of the Scriptures, not just the parts we like, because we follow a liturgical calendar and lectionary (a list of readings appointed for particular days in the liturgical year).

We engage Scripture with our minds, willing to question and be taught. We engage with our hearts, willing to be changed. We engage with our Spirits, willing to be fed. We are biblical, but not rigid or literal in our engagement with Scripture’s meaning.

We are a Sacramental Church. We embrace and celebrate the Sacraments (all of them) of the historic faith. We look for the sacred, the good, and the holy in life.

We are a Church with structure and order. We have a balance of authority between clergy and laity, and we have a balance between local, regional, and national leadership. We base our life on mutual accountability and not rigid or repressive hierarchy.

We are a Church with rich and deep worship, enhanced by the Prayer Book, and drawing upon the best prayers of all the saints who have gone before us. We can worship within this framework both formally and informally. Actually, to know what we believe, you will want to join us in worship [lex orandi, lex credendi].

We are a Church that is willing to engage culture. We are not afraid of science or secular society. We don’t see the church as a fortress that must be protected from every new style of music or trends in culture. Anglicans have been business leaders, scientists, artists, writers, teachers, actors, songwriters and even pop music stars. We engage culture for the purpose of transforming it toward God’s Kingdom.

We are not a perfect community; we are all learners who are capable of failure, carelessness, of hurting, and being hurt. Yet, we bear the light of the good news of the glory of Jesus Christ, who is the image of God. So we are also capable of being a great blessing to one another and everyone around us.

If you are not already a part of a Church community, come and grow spiritually with us; whether you are adult or child, married or single, no matter how many times you have been born, or how many doubts or questions you may have; come and share the light of the Good News of the Glory of Jesus Christ – with an Anglican flavor – in worship, friendship, learning, giving and reaching out into our community.