N.T. [Nicholas Thomas] Wright is an Anglican bishop and leading New Testament scholar, currently Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St. Mary’s College, University of St. Andrew’s in Fife, Scotland.  He is an important representative of more conservative Christian views but associated with the Open Evangelical Position and the New Perspective on Paul. He has, however, promoted the more traditional views about Jesus’ bodily resurrection and second coming. He is a prolific author of both scholarly and popular works.

The following videos provide insight into his consideration of various eschatological [study of final events] themes.

In Video 1, Wright explores reasons why there has been a distancing from the notion of hell as the place of final judgement.
Video 2 explores some of the history behind our notions of hell and then challenges us to rethink “hell” in terms of what the New Testament teaches.
If there is a hell, then where is it, or better still, what is it? Video 3 explores this theme.
Video 4 asks, “What about purgatory?” Is there any place for an understanding of the concept of purgatory in biblical Christianity?
Video 5 looks at the biblical understanding of heaven; where is heaven, and what will we do there (for eternity)?
What does the New Testament teach about what happens to a person when they die? In Video 6 Wright explores this question.
Video 7 concludes this short study of eschatological themes by considering whether the resurrection of Jesus can be considered historical. Wright challenges us to consider the evidence.