‘New Atheists’ such as Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett claim that science has done away with any need for God. How good are their arguments? Michael Poole is the author of ‘The New Atheism: ten arguments that don’t hold water.’ He is also visiting research fellow in Science and Religion at King’s College London.


‘Evidence by definition can’t support faith. If you need evidence to support your religious beliefs, it isn’t faith,’ wrote one New Atheist recently. In this video Michael Poole talks about the relationship between faith and evidence.


Look out for ‘arguments’ advanced by the New Atheists that are not claims about the reality of God at all. For example, one claim is that religious faith is harmful. Another is the claim that the number of scientists who have religious faith is small and decreasing. In this video, Michael Poole discusses these non-arguments.


Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution appears to do away with the ‘design argument’ for God. But does it? Michael Poole claims that it does not. In this video Michael also takes on the ‘who made God?’ objection.


Renowned author and speaker N.T. Wright sits down with JD Walt to talk his view on Atheism.and discusses how to deal with a backlash against a false perception of Christianity.