Many Christians struggle to understand the Bible. What is it all about? What holds it all together? What is the way of God’s Spirit in it? Can I walk with God in the same way as the people in the Bible did? If so, how?

Bible scholar John McKay

Bible scholar John McKay

The Way of the Spirit Bible reading course aims to help you to answer these questions. It seeks to help you understand the Bible, the ways of God’s Spirit in it, and how to enter into the richness of life that men of Bible times enjoyed, and thus how to serve in the new way of the Spirit , as Paul puts it in the book of Romans (Romans 7.6). The Bible Reading Course is presented in four six-month parts, and was written and developed by Bible scholar John McKay as the Bible element of the curriculum at the then Kingdom Faith Revival College. The Way of the Spirit now operates out of Framingham Earl Norwich Norfolk UK.

The Way of the Spirit ministry believes it has a significant part to play in seeing a move of God’s Spirit that will impact a generation.

The Way of the Spirit website states that, “Shortly before he died in 1947, Smith Wigglesworth prophesied there would be two great streams of revelation culminating in revival. In the power of the Spirit he prophesied that there would be:

(1) a revival of emphasis on the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, and (2) a revival of emphasis on the living Word of God. And when these two streams came together, the Church of Jesus Christ would see the greatest movement of the Holy Spirit she has ever seen.

It is our hope and prayer that The Way of the Spirit will provide a contribution to the fulfillment of this prophecy.”

The bringing together of the emphasis on the Word and the emphasis on the Spirit, as Wigglesworth prophesied, is the aim and intention of The Way of the Spirit, and it is our hope and prayer at Grace by the Sea that it provides a contribution to the fulfilment of this prophecy.

banner3“The Way of the Spirit’ is far more than just the title given to a Bible Reading Course, for it has to do with life and freedom and everything that Christ came to give us in the Church through the working of his Holy Spirit. Bible reading and study often seems dry and academic, but this course is designed to bring the Word of God alive for you in a new way and draw you into the same richness of life that men of Bible times enjoyed. Its wide ranging purpose is quickly illustrated by a brief glance at the history of the Bible in the West.”

The four parts:

  1. The Call and the Cross examines faith in God’s promises, obedience to his call and the saving power of   Christ’s sacrifice as the foundational principles for Christian living. It covers the Pentateuch (Genesis – Deuteronomy), Mark’s Gospel, Romans and Hebrews. Its focus is on Jesus as Priest.
  2. Times of Refreshing studies the main movements of Kingdom growth and revival in Biblical history, highlighting the principles by which God’s Kingdom operates and outlines the challenges and vision that inspire all men of the Spirit. The historical books (Joshua – 2 Kings), Matthew’s Gospel, Acts, Galatians, Thessalonians and Corinthians are covered. Its focus is on Jesus as King.
  3. Heirs of the Prophets studies the experiences and teachings of prophets and other men of the Spirit in the Bible, demonstrating how their faith and vision are of the very essence of both biblical and present-day Christianity.  The Prophetic books (1 Samuel-2 Kings & Isaiah-Malachi), Luke’s Gospel, along with selections from Acts and various other Epistles, as well as Revelation are covered. The emphasis is Jesus as Prophet.
  4. My Lord and My God looks at the common approaches of Spirit filled Christians and the Bible to worship, service, pastoral matters, and the challenge of daily living. The Writings (Ezra, Nehemiah, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ruth, Daniel), John’s Gospel, John’s letters, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians,   Philemon, Timothy, Titus, James, Peter, Jude are studied. The focus is on Jesus as Lord.

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