What is the Church? And what does it really mean to be a Christian? While at first it might seem these are easy questions, the reality is that they are not as easy as you might think. Part of the reason is due to the popular notions we have regarding the nature of the Church and of being a Christian person, notions that are not entirely helpful and that may in fact cause considerable confusion.

To answer these very important questions we are pleased to present some teachings by Graham Cooke, a popular speaker around the world with a passion to empower the people of God to walk in their true identity. He is a powerful, revelatory communicator with a radiant idea of Jesus and the Kingdom of God whose life and ministry are marked by his delightful, intimate, and unreserved two-way friendship with the Lord.

Graham has been involved in apostolic teams since 1981, and has cultivated a wide range of expertise in transitional development, corporate reinvention, and personal redefinition. He is a consultant to numerous churches, organizations and businesses and also a mentor and wise counselor to those transitioning toward a higher dimension of personal and corporate life in the Spirit.

His prophetic insights are much sought after in the boardrooms of a variety of organizations. He is present/future in outlook. Outcome focused by design. Process oriented in planning. He is a specialist in exploratory dialogue, thinks beyond the box and is a designer of creative action plans that release breakthrough and momentum.

Graham is an author and a publisher with currently 20 books that bear his name. His books and teaching materials can be found at www.brilliantbookhouse.com.

His message is a challenge for the Church today.

Graham’s talk to a DTS [Discipleship Training School] at Youth With A Mission [New Zealand], presents a riveting overview and challenge to be the Church.